Paper clay incense holder

Just messing around with paper clay.

Decided to make a simple incense holder. Kept it mostly the original color of the clay, flecked some gold paint on it, and painted the little ball gold. Covered it in multiple layers of Mod Podge to seal.

Top view

Bottom view

And just because I was already messing with the clay I made a cat and “whatever you want it to be” animal face. I’m going to turn them into magnets. Elliott says the pink one is either a bunny or a pink Pikachu.


That’s really cool. The gold flecks look great!

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Love the cat and mystery meat.

Does paper clay burn? The incense is on that long stick, so probably won’t be an issue, but…

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Thank you both. Mystery meat made me laugh. :laughing:

I probably wouldn’t hold a match to it or maybe I would just to experiment but yeah given the heat from the incense is pretty far away and goes out immediately once it hits the stick I’m not worried.

I’ve seen tutorials for making tea light covers out of paper clay, that caused me to pause for a bit. They look cool, but I do wonder about the prolonged exposure to flame.

Cute! It looks like something you could buy at the store; It just looks so perfect. I be it would be a good gift too! Adorable magnets!

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Wow, that’s awesome, nice work. You can buy Reeds Handmade Incense that can fit perfectly in these holders

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