Paper flowers

Hello! I bought myself a Cricut during the Black Friday sales and have been playing with it. Yesterday I finally tackled the paper flowers and I think they went okay. Some were fiddly to roll but not bad for first attempt.


I want to make these as well and put them in a shadowbox for the bathroom walls
Did you use a scoring pen/blade?

I did not use a scoring tool for these. My cricut cut them out and then I just rolled and glued them. I used a quilling tool to help get the rolling started but once they were towards the end more, I found just rolling in my fingers worked better at keeping them lined up right.

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These are really pretty. I love all the colors you chose.

these are so pretty. I have not cut any flowers on my cricut. did you use their files or find files online?

I love the way these look. The colors remind me of succulents!

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These are in design space. If you put in ‘flower shop’ in the search, they should pop up.

yes! I was trying to think of what they reminded me of…this is exactly it. They look like succulents. They would look super cool in one of those succulent wall frames. Bonus: I couldn’t possibly kill them. Heh.


Lovely, and such pretty colour choices!

Those are very pretty! I can see that easily in a very nifty wreath!

The cardstock I used for these (minus the tiny pink one) is from a galaxy paper pad (those big 12x12 ones). I don’t have plain paper so I was looking through them to see what I could use that wouldn’t be too crazy, lol.

These are lovely. I’ve never cut paper flowers with my cricut. It might just be time to give it a try.

I don’t have any fun toys like a cricut but I would love to make stuff like that, you did a great job :+1:t2:

You could still make these. You just need the template and a pair of scissors (or craft knife)!

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They remind me of succulents too. The best kind that don’t need light or water to survive!

Oh yeah! Thanks for the knock upside the head lol

Very pretty! The only time I attempted cutting paper flowers with my Cricut, they all got stuck to the mat, haha.

Very pretty!

Very pretty! I love that there are so many fun things you can do with them too!

I personally get sick of rolling them so I don’t tend to make them often…

Oh I had no idea people made things like this with their cricut! I especially love the spiky purple one on the right!