Paper mache circus animals

Not exactly sure where to put this… I considered paper but perhaps its technically mixed media which makes it sculpture. Ah well…
The giraffe ear got damaged during the ceremony because kids were playing with them.

You may have heard by now that I had a circus-themed wedding a few months ago… well… I made these paper mache animals to decorate the venue as we were married in a friend’s yard. I really love how they turned out. They live in the corner of our living room now.

Some in-progress shots. Our dining table was occupied with wedding projects for some time.


Those are beautiful. Great job. And thanks for the making of picture to show the size.

Thank you. I am really fastidious about taking in-progress shots. Sometimes I fear that I won’t be able to figure how to do the same thing again if I don’t record it. I often just “wing-it” so it becomes a sort of safety net.

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These are brilliant! How did you build the frames?

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Just balls of newspaper around dowels with lots of masking tape. :smiley: Well, only the giraffe has dowels. The other two were just balls of paper made a small section at a time.

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These are so impressive!! Way bigger than I expected from the thumbnails too. Very cool wedding decorations/theme :smiley:

Those are sooooo cool! Such a unique centerpiece :smiley:

I love how much heart you put into these, custom making them for your wedding. They are 100% worth the effort. They’re fantastic! They are so joyful. :heart: You did such a great job.


I LOVE paper mache! and swapped a few items on the Dead Site. But did you protect them in a particular way (like a top coat, or what-have-you) to weatherize them? I’ve heard they can basically melt if left unprotected.

(But if they were just outside for the wedding. and it was a clear day, there would probably have been no need.)

They weren’t sealed honestly because I hadn’t finished them. I intend to finish them eventually, then seal them up. :wink:

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Oh, those are so danged fun, my gosh!
We had a giraffe themed party for my mom’s 70th and built a beast out of presents but now I wish I’d made a giant papier mache creature or a pinata but how would I stand to see such a labour of love smashed? No, I would have found a way to seal and keep it forever I’m sure. Too cool.

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They look adorable, and which child would not want to play with them? I do like the giraffe, no wonder it’s slightly damaged XD

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Having a kid area was a great way to keep the young kids at bay so the adults could have a moment to themselves. One of everyone’s favorite feature of the day.

These are wonderful! I love how big they are. No wonder kids wanted to play with them; I’d have had a hard time not playing with them too!