Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023

These all look fantastic!

@AIMR those candy coloured shapes make me happy just looking at them, and the blue doodles are brilliant!

@Abbeeroad I love the colours you chose, and the small version with the dots is awesome and alive!

@geekgirl these are fabulous, the detail on the blue on is wonderful and I love the tonal effect in those autumn hues.

And @AIMR - the kitty!!! ahahahahhaha!! totally a kitty

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lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw a cat!


I love this group…


May Prompts!

  • Letters
  • Natural
  • Diagonal line(s)
  • Complementary colors
  • Stamp

I tried to leave them open to a variety of interpretations, so have fun!


@AIMR - Your blue piece reminds me of security envelopes.

I have been trying to teach this to my Pre-K group - they get bored coloring (even tho I bought sparkly gel pens!) so there are many unfinished “scribble pictures” in the school.


ha ha I knew it felt " familiar" !!! ha ha

Here’s mine!
I had a lot of fun doing this. Definitely a go-to art project without the stress. I’m going to try crayons next.


I don’t remember an awful lot of kids in my child’s preschool who had really got the hang of coloring yet.

Awesome!! Love your doodles and the overall organic feel.

I just helped fund a program in your area to buy crayons for every child to take home! I am hoping that there will be lots of scribbles and drawings over the summer months!


Oh that’s pretty!! Gorgeous colour mixing!

I really like those fatter black lines! Very nice doodling as well and beautiful colors!

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2 days worth of meetings. Well 1 1/2 days really


Nice! Love this color scheme.

Lovely! I’m liking the white dots a lot.

One more week to join the Paper swap…you can sort through your stash, get rid of some stuff and find that thing you’ve been looking for. A win-win situation.

I have a project in progress that I will post this weekend that uses up a lot of paper (I hope). And I’ve made about 30 more coffee sleeve books - my mom requested them for her two book clubs. So much paper!


Looking forward to seeing that project! I’ve sent in my Q for the paper swap, thanks for organising that :smile_cat:

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Here’s my page for the may prompts. I did the letters at random but now it just makes me think of Chick-Fil-A


It’s got a patchwork-y feel that I really dig!


Ooh, I like this!!

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