Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023

This craftalong is for anyone who enjoys or wants to start making mixed media/paper art. All skill levels can participate.

art by @photojenn

Post questions, comments, and share your mixed media art, paper crafts, art journaling spreads, etc.

We will host art journaling zoom meetups where we will play a video and journal along with it. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t usually need to have to have all the supplies listed in the video. Also, anyone can feel free to host a video session! find a video, post a time, and send the meeting link out!

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Common Supply List

suggestions from geekgirl
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Please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy any of it. One thing I love about art journaling is that you can use whatever you happen to have.

But here are some things that are useful:

  • Gesso
  • Heavy gesso/texture paste/modeling paste – you can make your own texture paste.These can be used interchangeably
  • acrylic paint - Liquitex Basics is a decent mid-range brand
  • Stabilo ALL pencils . Write on just about any surface
  • White and black gel pens . Signo Uni-Ball pens are generally good
  • Staz-On black ink pad
  • Mixed Media or water color paper – 100-140 lb. But really you can use most anything.
  • Water colors
  • Paint brushes and triangular makeup sponges
  • Stencils (you can make some simple ones with scissors and paper)
  • Stamps (you can make some simple ones with fun foam or use things like bubblewrap)
  • Things for background texture : drywall tape, joint tape, masking tape, tiny bits of lace and ribbon, book pages
  • Glue . My 2 favorites are Scotch 2-way glue applicator and Art Glitter Glue (it’s not actually sparkly)
  • Faber Castell gelatos or gel crayons
  • Baby wipes
  • gel medium or collage pauge.
  • acrylic inks

Trashy/recycleables to save:

  • different sizes of bottle caps to make circles
  • small boxes I can unfold (like boxes that eye drops or ibuprofen comes in)
  • the backs of packaging - the cardboard piece with the hole at the top that hangs on racks
  • tags - gift tags, clothing tags, tags from tea, etc
  • small bits of lace, ribbon, thread, yarn
  • envelopes
  • notebook fringe

Recommendations from other Lettuce Heads :leafy_green:


  • tubes of water color paint, creamy like acrylics or use water for watercolor effect.
  • watercolor pencils can be shaved to make your own magicals powders

Per @photojenn

  • Neocolor II water soluble crayons
  • Heat tool - you can also use a hair dryer but a heat tool will dry your pages without also blowing everything around on the table. I recently upgraded and it’s so much nicer!

Resources about Mediums

All about gel medium
All about gesso
Homemade texture paste
DIY Texture Medium
Mixed Media Dos and Don’ts

Drawing Faces

Drawing simple whimsical face by Toni Burt
Learn to draw artistic faces by Dina Wakeley
Learn to paint artistic faces by Dina Wakeley
Pencil sketch on mixed media background by Toni Burt

Free printable and/or public domain images

Maremi’s Small Art Free Digi Papers
The Graphics Fairy
Vintage Botanicals
National Library of Australia
Smithsonian Open Access
Smithsonian Institution Flickr
NASA Hubble Heritage Flickr
The British Library Flickr
Old Book Art Illustrations for download
Pinterest for Les Vieux Jours Vintage collage resources: photos, etchings, drawings and more.
USA Library of Congress Flickr
USA Library of Congress Photo Archive online portal
Reusable Art
Karen’s Whimsy
Creative Commons Cultural Contributors for art and music

Making decorated/painted papers for collaging

Painted Paper Collage and Painting
Making different mixed media papers for collage
How to create collage paper quick and easy

Gelli printing

The Basics by Birgit Koopsen
Gelli Plate Techniques Using Repurposed Items and Leaves
Gel Print Stencilling 101


Links from LettuceCraft:
Tutorial by @Reinikka
Tutorial by @Magpie
Tutorial by @geekgirl
Masterboards by @Bunny1kenobi
Masterboard by @GMPNQ
Masterboards by @Bunny1kenobi inspired by @GMPNQ
Masterboards by @Reinikka
Youtube links:
Masterboard technique using gesso resist
Layered Masterboards
Collage Masterboard from scraps

Art-along videos we’ve done

Using white space by Niahm baley
What is Neurographic art by Keren Tamir
Collage Background & Mark Making by Susanne Rose Art
Watercolor a Colorful Galaxy / Nebula by Vanessa Paints
Dreamy Night Sky/How to paint clouds by Nianiani

People to tag when there is an art journal zoom:


We are combining the Paper/Mixed Media and Art Journaling craftalongs since there is a lot of overlap. Share all things paper!

I added a few new sections to the 1st post. Let me know if you have ideas for any other sections. I also made a menu at the top with clickable links to each section since the 1st post is getting kind of long.



I’m excited about another year of this awesome craftalong!

Great idea to combine! I was always afraid of missing something!

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Thanks @geekgirl this is great x

Looking forward to another year! Excellent organization on the first post!

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You put a lot of work into this, @geekgirl!! Thank you!!

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Last night, New Year’s Eve, I painted another page from our zoom time on Saturday and today, January 1st, I finished so I think it belongs in this year’s craftalong.

It might not look like it now, when it’s finished, but I still don’t really get how to use water paints properly. Without the line work, each spot looks like a hot mess, unless that’s how naked paint looks. I’m so used to precision in my doodles that maybe anything messy looks wrong now :smiley:


They look great!

I learned in Fodder School as well as some of the Alisa Burke classes that what I thought were “blobs” and messy paint can turn into beautiful things with a bit of line work! I love the randomness of how watercolors work…but it does take getting used to!

I love your doodles inside!


@geekgirl - Should we reinvigorate the monthly prompts?

Working on my Alisa Burke Leftover lesson - painting and collage-ing pages.

Water color


Working in a composition book with about one quarter of pages removed and a Canson media book - 5.5” by 8.5”.


Prompts are fun!
I can start us off for January.

January Prompts:
This could be done in a journal page, on a tag, ATC, etc. Anything papery/mixed media

Use 3 of the 5 items listed below:

  • the color gray
  • a number
  • mark making
  • a crown
  • security envelope

The orange one is a great combo of watercolor plus your doodles! I also like the wavy lines you used.

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Thanks, I like that one too. I wanted the doodles to show up but not overwhelm the orange colour, so why not use an orange pen.


Good start! I signed up for the leftovers class too but after doing about 19 hours of the Artsy Meetup Marathon I took a break from my art supplies the rest of the day. Hoping to catch up tomorrow or Tuesday.


I couldn’t stay connected due to the storm so I’ll watch it as replay over the next week. Any classes/ teachers that you loved/liked?

I am seriously considering this class from Willa Wanders. It’s a little more than I typically spend on a class, but I might call it an early bday present…


I’ve been watching her IG stories on this one and going back and forth on registering. It would be more fun if you’re doing it too so I’ll probably sign up if you do.

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I actually really liked all of the classes this year. There were a couple I didn’t do, one if the teachers made a pocket, Kristin Peterson maybe? I also didn’t do Kristen Radden --Layered Landscapes (A Collage Project) since I didn’t have any magazines with landscapes in them. I needed to carve and print my stamp for #carvedecember so I used the time during those sessions, if I didn’t need to do the stamp I would have done them.

I did Kiala’s intro lesson on a sheet of 12x18” watercolor paper which I used for my covers for Liz Constable– Matryoshka Books. Catherine Rains – Gratitude Collage Grid Was fun but I wish I would have used pencil instead of pen for the journaling because it distracts too much from the collages. I only saw part of Kellee Wynne‘a grid journaling lesson before I needed to get some sleep, so I’ll catch that on the replay. I think DeeDee was out with the flu so I’m not sure who covered her slot. I plan to catch up on the ones I missed while I was sleeping once they’re posted.

Overall I really enjoyed all of the lessons even though there was a lot more journaling than I usually incorporate into my art. It actually made me think I want to incorporate more for 2023.


I only managed 10 hours. I really liked the little scrappy books but I can’t remember who did the class. you glued lots of paper scraps onto muslin (I used cheesecloth) and made a little book out of it. I did do the pockets and liked the junky look and they will go nicely in some of my junk journals. I wasn’t crazy about the collaged landscapes. But people did seem to really like them. I really liked my page I did early on with Tiffany.

It turns out my craft room chair is super uncomfortable after a few hours.

Looking forward to watching the rest of the videos on replay.

@Abbeeroad i got the email about that class this morning. I did think about it briefly and then decided not to.


I think that was Roben-Marie Smith, I really liked that one too. I used muslin and matte medium and my book is surprisingly still flexible.

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