Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2024

I bought the Graffiti Love class from Alisa Burke.
The first step is messy backgrounds. Most of these papers had leftover paint on them already.

Then add black & white marks - I’ve only used black.

Then I made my own stencils and masks using index cards & file folders. I need to make smaller ones, tho, as these take up too much space.

On to the next steps!


I had my eye on that class!! Love your messy backgrounds and stencils!

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hey all!
We will have to postpone this meetup! I’ll report once a new date is picked!

@photojenn @Abbeeroad @Cindy @jeanneleigh @jemimah


No worries - will look forward to seeing you all before too long :smile:

Happy Chocolate Day to all you mixed media and paper-loving peeps!


Love! :heart:

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Just as I was getting to displaying some of the lovely pieces I have received…now I have it all packed up for a new adventure! I also had about 10 more pieces that I just recently framed…can’t wait to show them off in a few months!


That is a fabulous gallery wall! I love how you’ve arranged it, and mixed up the frame styles, it looks brilliant. The new version is going to be great!

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I have so many more pieces, including some of the ones I did in our Zoom meet ups…I can’t wait to find a huge wall to be able to show off the talent of my LC friends!


Thought I would post here first…any of you interested in these papers? I got them in kits from Alpha Stamp and just never used them…vintage is not really my thing…

First group…some Christmas themes, carnival, vintage ladies, etc.

Second group…uh, scary trees and medusa?

If you want any more details, let me know…if not interested, I’ll offer them in the Use it or Lose it thread.

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I love the bottom set, especially those pointy pixies

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Do you want the whole set or just the pixies?..they aren’t really a set…I just grouped them by theme sort of kinda…

I will happily accept the whole row!

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Just for continued junk-journal-filling accountability, here are a couple of pages I’ve done recently.


Finally getting back to my collage class.
More neutrals with shapes.

My strong inclination was to use circles but I made myself step outside my comfortable zone and used triangles

I haven’t decided if I will glue them I. My nice new notebook or mount them on cradle board or canvas


More neutrals with gold accents


Circle exercise


More circle exercises. I think I need more medium value papers


These all look brilliant, I think the limited palette is gorgeous, and very stylish!


I forgot to say the circles were only to use cool colors.

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