Paper napkin swap?

I was a bit shocked earlier, when I found these beauties had fallen into my shopping basket today :smile::smile:

I’d like to use some on master boards/mixed media stuff or even in some textile work. There is very little chance of me using all of these up though, so what to do with left overs?
Thought maybe, once the swaps are open, we could do a swap. Maybe send 3 or 4 (more? Less?) of 3 different designs.
Numbers just a ball park figure & could be altered to fit.
It should be light enough for international post to be ok, but again can figure that out later (maybe take back layers off to reduce weight before posting?).
I said no personal swaps in profile but hit me up if you’d like some of these beauties :smiley::+1:


I will swap - I’ve got some good ones.
Busy morning - I’ll PM you later.


I watched a video earlier where someone removed the paper backing and Mod Podged these onto wooden crates and they made the cutest little storage bins. Otherwise I would have no idea what to do with these because I’ll be doggone’d if anyone in my house is gonna wipe their grubby mouths on them!


I once made a paper mache bowl and used pretty paper napkins as the last layer. Came out really nice!


I bought a set of cocktail napkins that matched these really fun plates. I could only afford the napkins… I don’t have any others, but maybe by the time the swap happens, I might! I was going to try to decoupage the napkins onto some plates or coasters, but now I’m thinking of other things, too!