Paper Patchwork Tree Card

The last of my cards for 2023. These are the “D” cards, for the parents of my daughters’ boyfriends. ( Both of whom have names starting with D.)

I only made 2 of these.

First I drew a grid, then filled in with strips of paper. The strips are 1/4" wide and the finished card is about 6" wide. I don’t remember how tall.

I originally had different colored “lights,” but ended up picking them off and changing to all red because the other colors were pretty much invisible.


Woah, very cool! So those are not woven, but cut and pasted, right? I like the all-red lights.

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Yes, cut and glued, although weaving would have been a great idea!


They look neat. The red wasxa great choice.

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So very pretty and festive!

Very cool! Such tiny pieces of paper!

Wow! Love this concept. Excellent execution as well- they turned out really great! I can see why red was the color of choice for the lights.

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:ice_cube: :sunglasses: Nice, nice, baby! This awesome project is one of this week’s features! Congrats! :sunglasses: :ice_cube:

Good gravies, it’s so intricate! Did you use tweezers to put all the pieces in place?

So intricate & beautiful!

@irid3sc3nt No, but I do have a dental pick to nudge things into place.

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Nice. My dental tools are with my polyclay supplies. Many thanks to the university surplus store for finding weird things.

How fun and cheery! I love the pops of red. I’m sure these took forever, but I’m sure the two you made were very worth it!

Whoa, beautiful & interesting. Looks like so much work!

Wow, this is such intricate work! Little paper treasures :sparkles:

This is beautiful! I admire your patience in cutting and gluing all those little strips of paper!