Paper Shadow Box

Here is my first flower shadow box. I can’t decide if I should add something to the inside or leave it. I used holographic vinyl for the heart on the glass.


love it, I think it’s perfect just the way it is

I think I’d leave it the way it is. The holographic vinyl was a clever choice for bling and fun!

That is so pretty! I like just the way it is.

Agreed. If you wanted to personalize for someone by adding a word or phrase inside, I’d possibly attach hard, lightweight letters perpendicularly to the end of straight pins stuck into the backing, sticking out further than the flowers, but not quite touching the glass. And again, it doesn’t need that; it looks good as it is and anything more might be too busy.

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Love how the flowers turned out! Maybe some fairy lights to illuminate the flowers a bit more would add something to it? It looks great!


Truly lovely as is

It’s really pretty, I love the flowers and the heart. And because you asked I will say maybe use background paper with different kind of shade than the flowers, the the thumbnail only showed red on red, with more red, it was a little difficult to see all the detail