Paper Sunflowers

So I’ve been playing around with different quilled flower “patterns” on my Cricut.
Basically, I uploaded a bunch of svgs and just cut them out on poster board.
Turns out, if I combined two of them, and fiddle with the sizes a bit, it actually makes a darn good sunflower.
Which makes me happy because my little sister and my cousin both LOVE sunflowers!!
So I cut out and put together two “prototypes”, but I have to say that the second one (all white) is my favorite!! The first one is yellow and white, and measures approximately 4” in diameter, and the second is all white and measures approximately 5.5” in diameter.
I went ahead and cut out the same pattern on colored card stock, and I will be making the colored sunflower tomorrow! So I’ll post a picture of the “final” version when I’m done! But for now, enjoy the prototypes!


Very pretty!

If you did them in brighter colors, they would also make beautiful zinnias, which is one of my favorite cut flowers!

Can’t wait for the final project!


These are darling!

I think they white one could work as a chrysanthemum, too!


Yes! Paper flowers might be the reason I finally drag out my cricut!

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Gorgeous! I like the extra layers in the all white flower, and I love the centers!


Very nice - the centers look amazing!

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Zinnias popped into my head, too!

These are beautiful!

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For those that are interested, these are the images I used, and just changed the sizes.
For the petals on the white flower I changed the size to 3.5, 5, 7, and 10” For the inside “petals”, I changed the size to 2.5 and 3.5”


They are so pretty! Thank you for the image!

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I finally put the flower together with “natural” colors!!

Also, this is what the designs look like before rolling them up:

And some in-progress shots!

Yeah, I know I suck at taking in-progress shots.
I have ADHD, so I tend to hyper-focus on my craft projects, at least until my carpal tunnel kicks in and says “GEEZ LADY STAAAAHHHHHPPPP!!” and I basically lose all feeling in my hands. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Wow–the color definitely turned it into a beautiful sunflower!

Congrats! Your Paper Sunflowers are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Fantastic project! so pretty!