Paper Swap?

Trading paper because we all need more. We would swap 30+ papers - painted, paper with marks, ledger paper, graph paper, book pages, rice paper, tissue paper, sheet music, maps, clean-up or under paper.

Anyone up for this? I will organize. I’m thinking May sign ups and send by early June.


Sounds like a neat swap!

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These are always fun, but, uh… I need less paper right now, not just different. :sweat_smile:


I’m in the same boat. I’ve got more paper than I know what to do with at this point.

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I also have more than enough paper but I can’t refuse a good paper swap!

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Sounds interesting! And for those with the “too much paper already” problem:

  1. You should end up with roughly the same amount of paper as before.
  2. In altering some of your paper for the swap, or making a card to send with your swap package, you could end up using some of your current stash.
  3. The fact that you receive alluring new papers might inspire you to actually USE the paper, so probably a net reduction, right?

In fact, you could make it a part of the swap that everyone should eventually post a picture of a project they completed that includes some of the newly-acquired paper, to prove they used at least a little of it. (Could be optional or very open-ended with no deadline so it doesn’t add any pressure to the swap.)


Okay. I plan to open this on Sunday. Start gathering, sorting, procrastinating - just get ready!

I will go to the creative reuse store on Friday just in case there is something I don’t have!


I won’t be able to resist this one!


I will open this later today - I’m subbing a lot and my laptop at home is dying…I’ll stay late at work to get it done.

BTW - Covid is still happening even tho we’re all vaccinated and boosted. Ugh.