Paper Tea Cups - More pics

Maybe this has been shown before? I have seen a few blog posts & YouTube videos about these sweet little teacups.

Original blog post:
Free pattern in post.

Jane LaFazio YT video with her version of the tea cups:

My efforts

I used book pages with gel medium to paper mache it.

With gesso & starting to paint

I don’t love the dots so I might paint over them.

Second cup - this time covered with paper towel. It will be very textured.

Three finished cups

Primary colors

Pale blue inside and splattered tissue outside

Repainted aqua cup with new dots - this one is flat in texture so I might add a glossy finish.

BTW - these cups serve no purpose other than decorative and I have 10 other projects to finish but you know, it keeps me off the mean streets!


This looks really cool! I don’t think I’ve done paper maché since primary school. I had no idea you could make such fun things from it. And for what it’s worth, I love the dots!

Extremely cool!

So sweet! I love this.

Paper mache is my jam, so I am uber digging these! So precious!

These are so cool!! I love them :heart: :coffee: