Papercut Owl ATCs

For the ATC Trio Swap,one of the themes my partner posted was “owls,” so I decided to make 3 cards with that theme. I follow a New England Owl photography group on FB (I’m not a photographer, but I love looking at great bird photos!) and I picked out 3 photos to use as my reference images.

The first one depicts a pair of baby barred owls:

The next one is a snowy owl on the hunt:

And the last one is a great horned owl:


I love your art style! These cards are awesome!

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Thank you! That means a lot! And, I appreciate your use of the word “style” because I’ve been trying to find it :wink:

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The layering on these is amazing, especially the great horned owl.

Thank you! I think that one is my favorite!

You captured the owls beautifully in paper. I love the blackened edges and the free form trees and backgrounds.

Thank you! It definitely helped to have a reference photo to work from :slight_smile:

Amazing! I love your style. Your trio of papercut owl ATCs rocks :slight_smile: )

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Thank you! It’s fun to try to break things down to the simpler elements while still making it recognizable. :slight_smile:

You’ve certainly managed to do that! These are terrific :slight_smile:

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I love all the individual details. And the border you have each. Well done!

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What a cool technique to use! I love the creativity that the ATC swap brings about and these are no exception. Your subtle shading is brilliant.

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These are awesome!

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These are so beautifully done! Fabulous!

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Thank you! I’ve struggled with making ATCs in the past- I don’t draw very well, and have a hard time getting collage art to look right. Somehow, papercut ATCs are hitting all the right notes for me.


… and they just look fantastic!!

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Thank you :slight_smile: