Papier-mâché Adipose Ornament

The Ongoing Ornament Swap has been so much fun, and there have been so many cool techniques used! I have already created 2 collages with ornaments received thus far, and this fellow was the latest to be added!

I claimed @saintcady for a Doctor Who ornament, and decided to go with one of my favorite “monsters,” the adorable Adipose.

I sculpted it using papier-mâché (my first time ever) then painted it white, crocheted it a sweet Santa hat, made him a miniature festive paper chain, and glued him to a clothespin.

I didn’t take in progress pictures because I wasn’t sure it would work out. Here’s a picture of it from the back.

Thanks for looking!


Wow! He’s tinier than I first thought, if he can perch on a clothespin. I imagine papier-mâché must be harder on that scale! He’s a cutie!

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I totally would have spelled the word “paper mache” right if I knew how to type the fancy letters. :slight_smile:

I put him on a clothespin because I worry about him breaking if I put a hole with string somewhere else.

It auto-corrected for me!

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papier-mâché. Thanks for spelling it right, I used your example to teach it to my spellchecker!

Cute idea for an ornament!


Ooh, good idea! I just copied and pasted to make it correct in my title!

And , thank you.

Aw, he’s so cute!! And tiny!