Papier mache questions

Hi :slight_smile:
Iโ€™m wanting to try papier mache for the first time since elementary school but I am unsure about a few things:
-I found a recipe that calls for flour AND glue. Does this solve the flour rot problem or is adding glue simply for strength?
-If Iโ€™m using a glass bowl as a mold, should I prep or line it with something for easier removal?
Thanks a bunch for answers and any tips. :smiley:

I just use watery glue, no flour. I avoid edible ingredients.

Cover the glass with plastic wrap.

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I agree with @steiconi, just use watery white glue (like Elmers or craft glue). Smaller pieces make fewer wrinkles and also let the paper soak a bit to soften it up. And always wrap anything used as a mold with plastic wrap, besides helping it release from the mold, you donโ€™t end up with hard to remove glue from a favorite item. Once the item is dry, you can also sand it to smooth it out.

I use tissue paper or old sewing pattern tissue to add texture, it wrinkles up nicely.