Papier mâché seed box

(I’m tagging this as garden because it seemed to make sense to me. If it should be something else, feel free to change it.)

For the Common Grounds swap, I was paired with @PrincessP. She and I both have a love of gardening and I saw her lament in another post that she had no good place to keep her seeds. This is something I relate to as my seed packets are stored in an old chocolates box and a large paper grocery sack. Now, the little box I made is not big enough to store all of my seeds and probably won’t contain all of PrincessP’s seeds, either, but it’s a start!

And speaking of starts, I started out with an empty Cheerios box cut and taped to size. Then I papier mâchéd over it using strips of paper lunch sacks. Once it was dry, I painted it and then decoupaged little botanical prints photocopied from the back of several issues of Cook’s Country magazine.

I made the box not quite as tall as a seed packet, so that the name of the seeds would be visible over the top. But in order to keep the lid from falling down all the way and bending the tops of the packets, I had to make a stop. I glued a piece of twine around the inside of the lid at the appropriate height and then painted over it. I guess I don’t have a picture of that, but you still get to see the inside.

I told PrincessP that I’m going to have to make a few for myself now! It was fun to make and I’m happy with how it turned out.


Very cute idea! It sure would make organization easier! My mom always stored her seeds in an old film reel canister. I sure wish she still had that- as a kid I had no idea how cool that was.

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Ooh, that is cool! Think of all the neat things you could keep in a film reel canister!

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I know, right??? :grin:

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This is so fabulous!

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What a great idea, I never would have guessed it was from a cereal box!

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Perfect for seeds. My seed box is an old shoebox, muddy, messy, with bits of string and dried veggie matter hanging out in it. This is much better and looks wonderful.

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lol It sounds well-used at any rate! Hopefully the many layers of modpodge I put on this will make it easy to wipe down after it takes a little jaunt into the garden!