Passive way we can contribute to funding the site?

Love this site and was wondering if you guys are signed up for some sort of service like brave rewards which allows people to contribute “tokens” to the site owners? I use the brave browser for almost everything and can allot some of my earned BAT each month. You guys don’t run ads so was trying to think of a way to contribute by using the site. not trying to be an ad for brave but throwing out an idea


I love that you are thinking of this and brought it up! Also, very weird – this is the second time in the last two weeks I have heard of Brave. I made a note to check it out and investigate further!


It’s a trickle for my personal site because it doesn’t have much traffic but I’ll bet it would work well for you. You can also claim your social channels as the creators.

you might want to sign up for Brave creators… their attention tokens are rising and you have some waiting from me :slight_smile: @sweets4ever