Pastoral Lace Shawl

I finally finished my first lace shawl! The Pastoral Lace Shawl (can be found for free on ravelry)

It was a journey to get through this - I kept messing up the stitches a little bit and completely gave up the first time I tried to knit this. But the stitches themselves are simple enough, just be really careful about counting.

Anyway, here it is on me! Sadly it’s gotten too warm to wear it much right now lol. But come fall, oh yes.

Here it is after I finished but before blocking lol.

And blocking - crazy how much it stretches out.

And a close up of the pattern


It’s stunning. I love the transformation from wtheck to Oh WOW! after blocking, that’s so cool.

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Beautiful job! Your persistence and determination to make it was worth it.

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Oh, wow! That is beautiful! :heart_eyes: The lacework is gorgeous and I love the way the color pools.

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Stunning! It looks so gorgeous on you!

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Thanks everyone! It was totally worth it in the end.


Absolutely stunning my friend! :heart_eyes:

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How cool is this?! Well done!

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Gorgeous! That yarn is stunning in the pattern and it looks like such a great size!

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It’s so beautiful! Well worth the trouble. The lace is absolutely lovely.

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The color of the lace is so pretty. I had no idea that blocking changed the look so much. It’s so pretty!

This is really beautiful! How nice it will be when it gets chilly again!

Thank you! This was not the most relaxing knit (too much concentration required on my part lol) but very satisfying to have done :grin:

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