Patchwork Cat Coasters

I made these for the craft show I did last month. I mainly made black, black and white, white, and orange kitties because that is what my family has a lot of, and I could give them out as gifts afterward if they didn’t sell. I made three sets of the black cat coasters, but only took pics of one set.

The patchworking was taking so long that I started making two-toned cats quicker. I liked the results. I make a bunch of orange and white cats too, but apparently, I didn’t take pics of them. Hmm. Oops. It was a crazy time. LOL! But I really enjoyed patchworking and plan to do more of it!


I like the visual interest of the patchwork, but the two-tone version looks good, too! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Oh i love all of them & would have mobbed your booth! Grabby hands!!

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I really like the two toned ones.

The orange patchwork ones are also very lovely.

On all of them, you definitely got the shape of the cat head to turn out great!

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I love the bits of kitty fabric, so meta!
The last stripy ones tho, what a great choice of fabric placement. Tuxedo cats for the win!

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So dang cute! I love the orange ones, especially the little orange kittie print on them.

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All the cats are very cute, and so well-stitched! It was really kind and generous of you to support the animal shelter, and these items were so perfect for the booth!