Pattern Chest

Has anyone seen Pattern Chest? Link here. It’s a bundle of pdf patterns for bargain pricing. It’s a little hit or miss in terms of what I would want to knit, but overall, I liked many of the patterns and went ahead and got them last night. Quite a few cute items!


That Honeysuckle Spring pattern is really tempting me! There are a lot of different patterns…even if you used just a few, it would be worth it if you like knitting a lot!

Going to check my yarn stash…I really love that cable and lace blend on that scarf!

Yes! That’s one of my favorite patterns of the bunch. I also really like the Mountain View Cardigan, the Larkspur Lane socks, and the Spring Shoots cowl. I haven’t been knitting much for a few years, so I’m starting back with the Spring Shoots cowl as a warm up, and then I’m going to move on to the Honeysuckle Spring cowl.

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I am used to the RPG bundle made by the same people, I am so glad they did a pattern version. I haven’t taken this one but looking for the futur bundles :slight_smile: