Pattern printing issue?! M7320

Hello! I am currently in the process of making my wedding dress and chose to use McCall’s M7320.

I cut out the size 8 - on the pattern packet, it states this is a waist size of 24". I cut out the pattern pieces for the size 8 (I double and triple checked the right lines were cut out) and checked that I’d cut the right ones on the fold, and cut the right amount of each panel.
This happened:
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It was massively too big! I have gone back and measured the waist of each pattern piece, doubled the number where I have to cut on fold, or cut two, and the total is 35.5" - 11.5" bigger than it should be. I don’t generally like working with patterns but felt like it would be the “safer” option - do they ever have printing errors? The only thing I can think of is the larger size set was printed as the smaller sizes.

Any ideas on what’s happened - even if it’s something I’ve done wrong (I can’t work out what) I just want to know! I have emailed McCall’s to see if they know of a printing error. Someone on my local FB sewing group has said she used the pattern before and had the same issue!


While it’s been a long time since I used a pattern from McCalls, I can’t remember if they were the ones I always found ran big. There was always 1 brand I found was bigger. Either way you have chosen a wonderful looking dress for your wedding. I hope you can sort the sizing issue out.

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I am so sorry this happened. I’ve heard the sizing on patterns is wonky. That’s one reason I have been so hesitant sewing clothes. It looks like you did a beautiful job. I hope McCalls gets back to you soon.

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Oh how terribly frustrating! It’s a gorgeous pattern! I, too, hope you hear back from McCalls soon and hope you can get it fixed. That’s so much work already done to be soooooo big!

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Luckily it’s the muslin, it’s just frustrating that I’m back to square one and think I will have to do a second. Thinking of drafting my own pattern based on the McCall’s.


Does your pattern have smaller sizes? If so, disassemble the muslin & recut, make another muslin ending at mid thigh, no need to do the entire length just to check the fit.
Best of luck, that is a frustration for sure.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and marriage! Hopefully McCall’s will respond soon, and it will all be an easy fix. Your dream gown will be beautiful.

American patterns usually include seam allowance, could that be the issue? It’s a common mistake that people make. Some patterns run bigger/smaller than others but 11 inch on a fitted dress can’t be right. Maybe it’s really a misprint.

I think @Magpies suggestion is a good one.
Do you have someone who can help? Maybe pin the muslin to fit you and then use the pinned version to help draft a new pattern.

Hope you get it to work. :crossed_fingers:

That is the smallest size, which is why I’m so confused!

I was watching a YouTube video on sewing the other day, really excellent channel.

But she said the one thing to remember is that pattern sleeve sizes are not the same as shop sizes. But you did check measurements, so it can’t be that. 11.5" is a crazy difference. It doesn’t seem like you’ve done anything wrong, but that the pattern is off. I’d be interested to hear if you get a response from the manufacturers.

I’m not super surprised that McCalls made this mistake, they seem more error prone lately.

For those unsure on starting with patterns, I highly recommend checking out some online pattern shops and avoiding the Big 4 printed patterns. Indie patterns do tests on real people instead of just grading out (adding 1/2” to every seam, for instance.) some good places to start are Patterns for Pirates, Rebecca Page, and Cashmerette.