Pattern Suggestions

So I want to make a pair of harem-style pants. And I found this tutorial class that teaches you how to make them (or at least something similar) with the open hip/side. But I don’t know that I trust this seller.

So I was wondering if anyone has a pattern they like or have used this pattern/class?

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I don’t have a suggestion or experience with this class, but I did what to throw out the idea of looking at the big 4 pattern makers for patterns and then checking into to see what people have said about them. It is a pay site, but they do allow you to look up a few patterns at a time, I think, and the members are very helpful and descriptive in their reviews.

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Do you bellydance? :slight_smile: Is there something about this particular pattern you like? Looks like an awful lot of fabric…do you not like the regular harem pants with the slit from the top of the thigh to the ankle?

Regular very full harem pants take at least 5 yards of fabric…you can buy them for under $50 already embellished and nicely done…they fit up to a 55 inch waist, I think. You could just cut the seams on the sides?

Good luck…

I love these!

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I don’t have pattern seller suggestions, but if I were going to draft this pattern, I’d start with a regular pants pattern, extend out the side seams by a couple of feet (I assume it narrows at the ankles) cut it with the new side seam on the fold (might need a bias fold, I’d have to try it and see), then pleat it into the waistband, leaving the sides free. Easy peasy, right?


@TheMistressT Thank you for the places to check out!

@AIMR I don’t Bellydance. I want to make them for a pirate cosplay/look I am planning on for the Ren Fair. I wouldn’t mind learning some Bellydancing tho.

@steiconi that makes sense I need to try it. Just need fabric to try that with.

I buy sheets from the thrift shop for a cpl bucks to use as muslin fabric when pattern drafting.


That’s a great idea!

Oh that is wonderful! I can see them as pirate pants!

And yes, what a great idea to use old fabric as try-outs!

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I saw some cool pants on pinterest that made me think pirate. And now I need to make them!

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I am reading a book on pirates and the entire history of the Bahamas and Jamaica during that time…I find the political and financial stories of these profiteers to be so interesting…women pirates were more often very business-minded and wanted to be independent and live lives free like men…it was a tough life

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I might have to start reading some more on women pirates. I’ve always been terrible at reading about things that interest me.

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