Pattern testing complete!

So I have been testing the pattern over the last week or so. I picked the colors based on Mickey Mouse. Can’t say I’m happy with my color choices, but I love the stitch pattern over all. I think with a different color pallet I’d be happier with it over all. I do REALLY like the pattern thought. It worked up nice and was easy to follow. I’ve included a link to the pattern under the pics if anyone is interested.


This is so pretty!

It turned out really nice, and I suggest wearing it if you ever come to Maryland…



I love the pattern!

calluna, you are too funny!

I love the pattern too, thank you for posting it.

Why did you base the colors on Mickey Mouse?

That’s a nice pattern. Looked complicated at first but enlarging the picture shows it probably isn’t, it’s just the beauty of how the stitches intertwine.

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No real reason other then I was watching Disney+ at the time and I had them in my stash already! You know use up what great yarn you have on hand already.

Now to work out what to do with the shawl now that it’s done. I don’t wear a lot of them. Love making them just don’t really wear them much.

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