Peg People Nativity

In the Ongoing Ornament Swap, I sent @AudiobookLover a little Nativity Ornament.

The people are totally removable.

Dr Pepper can for scale.

The yarn is from Darn Good Yarn and reminded me of the night sky. They look so cozy in their Nativity nest.


This is great! It’s like a mini play set too. Those figures are excellent!

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What a great idea! I love the effect you get from combining different materials. Who knew wood, yarn and metal would go so good together?

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I adore this! What a creative and unique take on the nativity. That yarn is perfect, and you did a fantastic job on the figures.


This really is an extraordinary design for a nativity, and the little peg figures are so awesome.

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I love my nativity set! I like how the baby Jesus is positioned here, like he’s being cradled. The yarn works well at bringing color into the scene. I like the subtle shimmer of the metallic strands throughout!

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