Pencil case?

The big pencil case with 3 flat layers. What size is the zipper that goes all around it in cm?
What size is sewn for the elastic loops to fit pencil?
For sturdiness I saved cardboard pieces. to put in between fabric, is a single piece enough or use two?
Going to hand sew it using up fabric scraps from stash.

Do you have a picture? I’m not sure what you’re making.

Zipper size would depend on the size of the case.
Layers of cardboard would depend on how stiff the cardboard is, and the finished size.

Put some pencils down, pin elastic over them, then measure the elastic. Make it a little tighter, it will loosen over time.

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See at time 5:57 grey pencil case…but sideways pencils and to fit more pencils.

This listing seems to have dimensions which may help you, if you add 2 x width and 1 x length together.

Thank you.