Perfect little tea towels

I finished my set of simple tea towels. Same design, different colors. These are about 16 x 28 inches, the perfect hand towel size. In use in the kitchen as we speak. I also have a set of dish drying towels that are about 30 x 30. I love these flour sack cotton towels.

Here are the larger towels


Beautiful and sweet! I especially love the colors on the veggie towels.

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Those are lovely! I bet they make doing dishes more fun. :wink:

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These are great! Those veggies are my favorite. I like hte little circle and how some of them are peeking out and some are behind. Great stitching!

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Nothing makes doing dishes more fun. But then nothing dries like a flour sack towel. I grew up with these, my mother still has a few that are so thin, one glass or plate does them in. I think they were wedding presents circa 1950. P.S. Our dishwasher is broken and we want to renovate the kitchen to install a full sized dishwasher (we have an 18" wide one that holds so very little) so we are waiting. And washing and drying dishes by hand. Not too bad, but not very fun either. We would still wash pots and baking dishes by hand, but I do miss the dishwasher.


Lovely stitching! I remember those veggies (and their neat backs)! Did you make the backs neat on the flowers as well? I want to embroider towels, but am not proficient at keeping the back from getting all jumbled.

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I really like the onion set, i don’t think i have ever seen one like that before. Lovely stitching!

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These are charming! The peas are my favorites

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thank you everyone. @Abbeeroad the backs are fairly neat, I do my best.

@Camelama Check out Colonial Patterns They have the best retro iron-on patterns ever. And some other fun stuff.


I really like how the veggies are in and out of the circle. Hard to choose a fave!

Every single one is full of charm! Your stitches are so neat and your color choices really, really nice. Add me to the chorus of praise for those veggies in (and out of) circles!

I love how the tops ones highlight how much color can effect the outcome. They each have a unique feel to them. All are awesome.

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I really like the flowers. So pretty!

Those larger towels are divine!