Personalized lighters

I made personalized lighters for everyone I know last Christmas. They were such a big hit! I cut their names with permanent vinyl and sealed them with clear nail polish.


They look like they are marbelized! Are they refillable? At least no one will lose theirs…I remember in days past that it seemed the same lighter just made the rounds and eventually got back to the owner…my husband had one that said “My F*cking Lighter”.


That’s a lot of lighters. You must have a lot of candle-obsessed friends. :joy: :rofl: Great way to not lose yours.

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Great little gifts!

The marbleized skins came with the BIC lighters. They are not refillable, unfortunately.

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lol well, then, your friends will have be told to use them only for the good stuff!

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That’s a LOT of lighters! That’s a fun gift, too!