Pet bed procrastination

Ok, I started making these beds for my 2 dogs months ago. I made the inner pillows and made washable covers for them out of heavy duty outdoor fabric. I was partway through the first cover, including the zipper, when my sewing machine died on me. :tired_face:

They needed something to sleep on, so I used safety pins to hold them together for a temporary fix until I could get a new machine. Which I did about a week or so later.

Well, fast forward about 3 (maybe 4?) months and I finally got around to finishing the dog beds. My son and I took them apart and hubby washed them. Twice. I have hairy dogs. Today I trimmed them, took off the heavy duty zipper that one of the dogs managed to destroy, and decided to put the zippers on the bottom of the beds rather than on the end, where Luna would undoubtedly chew the h*ll out of it again. I did French seams on them to help prevent fraying, especially since they will need frequent washings.


Thanks for looking!


YAHOO! What is it about certain projects that when they go sideways we just struggle to get back to them? Congrats on rallying and getting these done! Great plan on moving the zipper - who can blame Luna, though, I mean zippers have teeth so they invite chewing. And so smart to do the french seams… why didn’t I think of that?

Our washer has a pet bed setting! Which I am afraid to use… right now all Delia’s beds are store bought and I don’t trust that setting not to wreck them. :upside_down_face:


Thanks! Yeah sometimes it’s hard to pick your mojo back up after a disaster. I’m glad they are done, too! That project was nagging at me and preventing peaceful Christmas crafting! :grin:


It looks great! Your dog looks so sweet laying on it too.

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Thank you!