Pet Dead Piranha Halloween Decoration


When I saw the new piranha skeleton for sale with the Halloween decorations I knew it was going to come home with me, even though I didn’t have a home for it. THEN I found this big fishbowl at a thrift store (don’t worry, I was masked, gloved, 6’ apart from everyone, and sanitized upon leaving).


The gravel was left at our house by the last owners in the bottom of some empty planters in the “greenhouse.” I’m not sure where the plants came from, but they were in my stash for some reason. I just had to make a little stand for them.


It loves to ask, “Can I get your digits?” Fingers are its favorite food!



Finger bones litter the bottom of the bowl, too!


My piranha is quick on the draw and anything on a finger will get eaten and then… evacuated. Ahem. Without getting too specific about how I source my fish food, I will note that I do try to feed it just one at a time.


You even have fishnet lights!
Creepy great piece.

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Do I? What are fishnet lights? Now I must know! The blue flashing is from a specialty LED bulb on the counter behind the bowl.

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Oh, is that chickenwire on the top? I thought it was a small version of the Christmas net lights .

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you have quite possibly won at Halloween and at LIFE with this monstrosity! I love it!


Nicely done! This would make a great centerpiece. I love when I can find stuff at thrift shops and just laying around the house. :heart:


Thanks, pals!

Oh! Ha! Yup, just some old chicken wire that was also left in the “greenhouse.”


What a fantastic way to display one of those skeletons! I especially love the grisly touch of the fingerbones at the bottom of the bowl. You’ve definitely made me re-think display options for those skeletons. I think I need to up my game a little!

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This is all kinds of fabulous. Seriously awesome! It may be one of my favorite Halloween items you’ve made.

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Wow! The finger bones and ring make this even better than I originally thought. Your attention to detail is amazing.

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Love your new pet. He’s perfect for Halloween. Finger bones. :rofl:

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Oh wow, that’s really cool!

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Aw, thanks so much, y’all!

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Haha…this is awesome! The fingers!! :laughing:

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He looks so awesomely mean! LC has really upped these skeletons. You took it to a whole new level!


This is epic and you are so clever