Philadelphia Shirt

It’s the first day of school! I finished this Philadelphia shirt in time to wear today.

Fabric: city pride cotton from Joann
Pattern: Mc Calls 7360

I changed the neckline to a plain v.

Layout was the fun part, as usual.

Notes on the front: I didn’t want big letters right across my bust, and there was also a weirdness with those round trees that had to be avoided. As I moved the pattern up and down I saw that I could, seredipitously, have PA (abbreviation for Pennsylvania, for my non-US friends) on the two sides of the neckine.

Each sleeve has PHILADELPHIA at the hem.

Notes on the back: I centered PHILADELPHIA on the back yoke, and then I didn’t want it repeated too close together, further down the back. Understand that the placement of the PHILADELPHIA on the back is dictated by its placement on the front, so I was going back and forth, back and forth, working out the best placement front and back.

At the side seams the words match right across.


What a fun shirt! It looks great. You did a great job arranging the design on the fabric to how you wanted it.

The Philadelphia on the sleeves is the chef kiss! You took fussy cutting into a whole new orbit.

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You are the queen of shirt-making!

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I’ve been saving this fabric for awhile, afraid to cut into it!


This is awesome! You are the fussy-cutting queen!

The placement of the words is perfect! Especially love the text at the edge of the sleeves.

Your placement is NEXT LEVEL even for you! The P and A on either side of the V? C’mon! SO cool.


I know, right???

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I enjoy reading the stories of how you decide on the layout for your shirts. I agree with the others, this one is next level

Not sure if the students or staff at your school appreciate how much work goes into your shirts but we do here!