Physics Homework Art Journal Pages

I’m not dead! I’ve just been very busy with school-- such is the life of a physics/chemistry double major. I have found time for art journaling, though! Here are some recent pages that I’ve made with physics homework as the background. I think that it’s a very fun background; the equations add visual interest similar to that of book pages or journaling, just a bit different (and geekier!).


Glad you’re not dead! :laughing: What a great idea! I agree, the equations and numbers make for interesting backgrounds. And I love your additions to keep things mathematically geeky or contrast with nature elements.


I’ve been wondering where you were! Missed you on the zoom calls!
Love your journal pages, they’re always like a game of eye spy!

What a great way to incorporate creativity into your busy student life!

It must feel amazing to be able to scribble out the homework in the end! I love this idea.