Pi Pie Sliceform

A sliceform in honor of Pi Day.

Here’s the PIE .


And here you can see PI.



Happy Pi Day! This is so clever!

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I love it that the pie also forms the pi symbol! Awesome!

Pi day always sneaks up on me… Maybe I need to go buy some fruit so I can make a pie.


my favorite tee shirt saying:
My password is the last 7 digits of Pi.


Ooooh! Clever. :wink:

This is so clever! But I’ve come to expect that from you. :wink:

I love it, both cunning and cute!! Technically we don’t get Pi Day here in the UK since our date format isn’t the same, but since Pi is my favourite number it’s defo a day I choose to celebrate! :wink:

P.S. As a maths nerd I made it a challenge to memorise as much Pi as possible 20 years ago, I got up to nearly 200 dp at one point but I’m back down to about 115 dp atm, lol :nerd_face: If nothing else it’s great to recite whilst trying to sleep, much better than counting sheep!

@Loop-da-Loop Just a USA thing I suppose, as the rest of the world uses the more logical arrangement of dates. I had never heard of it until my child was in 6th grade (age 11) and was assigned a project for it.

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Maybe the rest of the world can change Leap Day to April so they can have a Pi Day, too! Well, at least every 4 years.


Oooh I like it, nice idea!! How do I make that happen?!!!

Woah. That’s so cool!