Pigs and Penguins Magnets

I made these for the magnet swap, but so much has been going on that I forgot to post them.
I make these in the same style as the magnets I made for the craft booth.
I started by drawing and rendering the images in Copic markers. Then, I copied that onto sticker paper. I painted the backgrounds and shaded them. After that dried, I cut out the images from the sticker paper and adhered them to the wood. I used Posca and other paint pens to add details. To seal it all, I added a couple of coats of ModPodge.

Sorry for the bad pics, it was before daylight savings. :rofl:


Cute! That one tilty-headed winged oinker is beyond adorable

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I am also in love with that little guy.

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Those are adorable. That piggie!! :heart_eyes:

I have a thing for penguins, and yours are so cute. But the little bottom piggy is beyond adorable!!!

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Your critters have so much personality!


Oh my giggles, THE PIGGIES! All of them are adorable, of course, but THE.PIGGIES!

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I love them all but those flying piggies are just the cutest things ever!

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I love me some pigs. In and out of the skillet.

I used to have one in my downtown fenced yard. His name was Petey from the Little Rascals cuz he had a black ring around one eye. People would stop by with their kids to pet him.

Alas, one dumb-O-stupid nosey neighbor complained that he brought flies!
With a Police Officers help, I found a non-eating farm for him to live.

Gave a new meaning to β€œnice pig”, lol.

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