Pile of Presents Zig Zag Cards

Simplified and modifed from a file by 3D Cuts.

I did not use the end pieces of the base card. I r the bow details from the tops of the presents so I could use any bow on any present. Removed the long tails from the bows to conserve paper.

I made multiples by selecting 5 coordinating papers, and cutting 3 sets of presents on each paper. By mixing them up I was able to make 15 cards.


Those fold into envelopes? How cool!

I thought each picture was 3 separate cards at first, but it’s all one really amazing card!

SO much cheeriness!

Yes, they fold flat.

I love you cards! This is awesome. I think your choice to remove the ribbon ends make it less frou frou, which I like.

You’ve been posting nice cards but I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting for THE 2022 card :smiley:

Soon, soon. I always wait until they’ve been distributed / mailed. The last large group was handed around yesterday.

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These are so festive. I like the colors of the last one best. Very cool!

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Ooh these would be fun cards to get! They’re really cute and festive!

Your cards are always phenomenal! I love these ones, too!