Pillow Boxes for Wrapping Gift Cards


Two Christmas gift cards wrapped up.

One December birthday gift card ready to go! The recipient is a big book lover, even though the gift card is not for books. :woman_shrugging:


Very cute! Of course, you are the queen of cute gift packages!


I love those little boxes for gift cards. It just seems fancier than a card. Love that you made the book one so personalized to the recipient.

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Thanks, y’all!

@gozer I don’t have as much fun giving gift cards, so it helps me feel better about it when I can at least make the presentation a little special!


I love these! So fancy.

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Super cute!

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Thanks, pals!

Oooo my fav is the chocolate paper, where did you find it?

I have a few people to give gift cards to this year because I’ve never met them. One is my nephew’s girlfriend and the other is my sister’s husband. Don’t let yourself think too hard on that last one.

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Cute! I love the additional details of the holly leaves and berries, plus those little banners! That book paper is perfect for a book lover. These definitely elevate the gift of a gift card!

Thanks so much!

@irid3sc3nt The chocolate paper is from a DCWV pad from, I think, 2021. All the printed papers for those two pillow boxes are from that pad.


Nice paper set!
I think it subconsciously spoke to me because I went to the chocolate store today. I bought a bunch of their chocolates to give to people and also a pecan turtle for myself.

It’s a fun one! I wish my local JoAnn still carried the seasonal DCWV pads.

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You are the queen of gift presentation!

These are great!

You’re so sweet! Thank you!

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