Pimp my Board!

Ironing board, that is…

Got a kind of shabby ironing board for $7 at the thrift store. Hubby painted the legs, and I added 5 luxurious layers of cotton batting, a muslin cover, and a floral patterned top layer.

It had lost 3 of its feet, so I 3D printed new ones:

So cheerful, I hung it on the outside of my studio door (on an over-the-door clothes hook hanger from the dollar store).

And I also covered “Mini Me” (a tabletop ironing board)

It hangs up, too!


Prettiest ironing board I’ve ever seen!

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Very pretty! Did you do anything special to the fabric to make sure it won’t come off onto the pressing when steam is used? Just wash it first?

Also, I an entranced with the bunting on your door…why have I not made bunting for all my doors in my craft room? It is beautiful and covers up the hardware as well!


Strikingly pretty!

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I prewashed, then dampened and ironed the fabric. I put muslin on top for part of the ironing, color didn’t transfer, so I think its good to go.

My current goal is not to “use the good stuff”; it is just to “use the STUFF”.
I added 50% more storage last week, and it filled up instantly. As I was putting the batting into a cubby, I realized, “If I used this, I wouldn’t have to store it…”


What a beautiful ironing board! Would (almost) be pretty enough to make me want to iron. Maybe.


What an awesome way to rescue an old board and make it even better! Love that you 3D printed new feet (of course you did).

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best part was I didn’t even have to figure out the feet, somebody else had solved the problem and shared them online! crafters are such nice people.


I have ironing board envy! It’s a gorgeous makeover.

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These are both so pretty!!

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So very pretty. I like the fact that you were able to 3D print new feet for it. Your final project looks great.

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What a great idea! The painted legs, I’d never even think to do that but why not? Way to customize.

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