Pink and Purple Redwood Tote

This is a completed Redwood Tote by Noodlehead. I bought this pattern because I love bag making but get frustrated with rounded bottom pieces. I also though it would be cool to do the center panel as patchwork.

As a test, I made it in linen that I tie dyed, with coordinating quilting cottom for the straps, and random white cotton for the lining.

The only thing I would do differently the next time around is attach the handles before the lining. I understand why you would do it last on a beginner pattern, but it just bugs me to have those X’s sewn through the lining.


That pink! :heartpulse: It really looks like the perfectly sized all purpose tote… great job!

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That looks incredible, wow. I absolutely love that you hand dyed the linen, it’s a gorgeous colour. Did you stabilize it? Or is it a thicker linen? I have a whole bunch of lovely linen to play with but it’s quite light, not sure how it would hold up as a bag exterior…

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I love your gorgeous tie-dyed linen and your test bag!

As someone who regularly abuses bags by WAY over-loading them, I wonder if the straps are sewn through the lining for added strength?


I like the style where the straps go all the way around the bottom of the bag for carrying heavy stuff. All the straps on our market bags have broken stitches… hmm, I should mend those today…


POW! I love the vibrancy of your dyed linen and this bag is a great use for it!

great bag!
are the straps sewn onto the pocket seam allowances? That would help strengthen the bag.
How about using white thread on the lining side? Or match the lining to the outside?

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Very pretty!

It’s interfaced, and is also a relatively thick linen (in my rather limited experience.)

Using the white thread on the underside is a great idea that I wish I would have thought of! :joy:


I love how you ended up with the darker side on the right with the tie-dyed fabric. Gorgeous bag! I’m sure it’ll be super handy and you’ll get a ton of compliments on it!

:heartpulse: Oh boy, OH BOY! Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! WOOHOO! :heart_hands:

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The linen is GREAT! I love the way it feels, and in such a saturated color, it really makes it pop. Great job!

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