Pink sneakers with painted hearts

I have some pink sneakers that were looking a bit sad. The original vibrant fuchsia-like color had faded after many washes. So, after I washed them again earlier this week, I decided I would paint them to give them a boost. At first, I thought I would just mix up a color that closely resembled the original and paint all over, but then I changed my mind and decided to decorate them for Valentine’s Day instead. The paint came from stash that was super old. Luckily, I found a silver and red that were still good. I intended to wear them today for my hospital volunteer work, but I forgot :crazy_face:. Even though my next shift for volunteering is after the holiday, I will wear them then anyway.




February love is good all month and even all year! I’m sure your shoes will be a hit and get many happy compliments.

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I hope so. I volunteer with patients who have traumatic brain injuries, so I’m always looking for things to wear for conversation and memory stimulation.


What fun! Love has no season, as far as I’m concerned. Super cute shoes!

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very cool, a nice upgrade :slight_smile:

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^^ These were the exact words I was going to say.

You’ve made these fresh and new!


Way cooler now!

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Thanks everyone for all the love on my project.