Pink Suncatcher

Over on that other place we don’t mention, I learned how to make simple suncatchers from both @lindyv321 and @MistressJennie…I have been making several that they posted over there for years—they make great gifts for people and can be hung indoors or out.

I used this post as my guide to make one for @kittykill in the Color Box Swap. I used up every pink bead I had plus a few clear ones, which is why it is a bit small, but I thought it was cute to hang on a tree or bush to catch the sun.

It was hard to get a decent picture from inside…and it was nearly 90 outside…

Here it is to get size…the flamingo is about the size of a 50 cent piece…see that mack truck of an air conditioner…yeah…it gets hot here…that is one of three air conditioners we have in this house… :slight_smile:


Yeah! I love it! I hung it up in the kitchen window. It makes me very happy.

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:flushed: wow … it was 37 at my house this morning … even though we use Celsius I remember Fahrenheit from when I was little.

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That is so pretty! I think it’s nice that it is small-ish… I’ll bet it is gorgeous when the sun hits it.

I had two in my old garden…when I moved, I left them for the new owners to enjoy. They are fun and simple to make. I like throwing in a clear bead or two because sometimes you can get a rainbow if the sun hits right!

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Very pretty!

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So sweet! Well done @AIMR.

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Very cute touch of color to brighten any space :rainbow: