PinPen DIY

I had heard about the PinPen’s but really didn’t want to put in the $15 (or whatever it is) and then not use the darn thing. Plus my weeding tool was right here.

I saw a large pack of needles at Dollar General and I knew I had a ton of mechanical pencils at home so decided what the heck. I tried labeling with a P-Touch and for some unknown reason it never wanted to stick and I didn’t want to pick it up thinking it was a mechanical pencil. I did one with a 0.9 pencil (which is MIA at the moment) and a 0.5. Labeled just for my OCD.

They do work really well but if you have to take stitches out of anything, it’s REMARKABLY fast! Better than using a seam ripper.


Great hack!

Yes, that’s an excellent hack! Smart to label it also!

Unless you look close it’s hard to tell that it’s not a pencil or pen when extended. I’m concerned that the cat has found my other one and knocked it somewhere because the needle won’t retract back in as this :point_up:t3: one will.

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Oh and this is also considered a weeding tool for vinyls for those that don’t know. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Very creative and I bet it’s incredibly useful!

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