Piper's new bag

My granddaughter will be three on Jan 3rd. Piper is a sweet and lively little girl and with Covid I don’t get to see her often and she lives states away.

I stitched the letter P a while ago and finally thought up a way to use it. A small shoulder bag with the P as the front pocket. And a little coin purse loaded with coins.


This is awesome!!! I’m sure she’ll adore it.

This is a perfect gift for a 3-year-old girl. I know 2 who can vouch for that (wait…they are 4…ack…but their praise is still valid)!

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That is so sweet! I love the pansies on it, and goes great with the fabric. I just know she’ll love it!

So sweet :bouquet:

Darling !!


So pretty and so cute for a little girl!

This is so precious.

So darling! Beautiful work!