PJ masks gecko - in progress

Carnival is coming and the kiddos asked for some new costumes. This year they want to be Gecko and Eulette. Gecko still needs a tail. I didn’t want to attach it to the pants so I’ll make a removable tail so the kiddo can sit down without any problems :smile:

Ignore my feet :see_no_evil:


Very cute!


This is adorable. Great job!

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Nice costume, and great purple socks!

Thanks! They’re actually pink and have a pig face on the ankle :pig:

Those socks sound adorable. :pig:

Love a quick but impactful costume! It looks like your kiddo will have a great time feeling comfortable in this outfit :lizard:

The gecko mohawk! :green_heart:

How awesome that you’re able to make a cute costume, and being able to remove the tail means that they can use the costume far more :smiley: