Placement in the Kiln!

Hi all, just wanted to post an example of how inconsistencies in heat or reduction/oxidation can affect clay bodies and glazes differently.

As our studio is learning the new kiln, it seems that some areas have higher or lower temps or chances at reaching reduction.

These two similar mugs were made from the same clay and glazes the same, but the glazes reacted and ran very differently in the same kiln firing. :upside_down_face:


Oh wow, that is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us.


I had no idea! So you get a surprise each time the kiln is opened until you learn the glazes, the kiln, etc. What a fascinating art form pottery is!! I love both of them but the one on the left is more random to me…


Super interesting. I would become obsessed with this.

The first is looking down from a standing position. The second is as if you were laying on the grass, looking up!



Wow, this is fascinating! Must make it hard to do totally matched sets of things. (Not that I’m much of a fan of “totally matched”… myself, I’d love to have these two as part of the same set.)


This is so cool!


How awesome those mugs are! Best of luck as you all study and learn the new kiln. Gorgeous pieces.

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I love how the glazes ran! The problem is that they ran a LOT, and it seems impossible to predict at this point, so I’m not going to combine unfamiliar glazes for a while. :crazy_face:

As we all know, anything handmade is often tricky to make totally matched sets. :grin: But the goal right now will likely be to figure out the best way to load so the entire kiln can be as consistently “heated” as possible


Kiln openings are a lot like Christmas. You have an idea of what you’re going to get, but may be surprised.

I like the sky one better than the grass one.

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Wow, I learned something today! Hooray for Lettuce Craft!! :grin:

Beautiful job, too!

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That is so weird and awesome, I love it!

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Heehee, sometimes it is a little less awesome. (I had a few others that ran — albeit in a very beautiful way — too far and may need to be ground down… to be useable (and not have dangerous pointy glass “feet,” haha!).

That’s interesting, I knew the heat could affect it but I had never seen the effect (not that I’ve tried pottery except a few times back at school)

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