Plaid Winter Wreath

Back in 2019, I saw a FB post for a winter wreath making class. It was $60, but I knew I could make it on my own (and for less money).

The original wreath had the flannel fabric wrapped around in a strip, but it bugged me that the plaid was so misaligned, so I cut a rectangle and wrapped it around, gluing the seam in the back. I did the same with the “snow” fabric, and then hot glued on the trees. The original had little wood slices that said “Let It Snow,” but I actually like the cleaner look without them.

Now, I need t hang it before another 3 years go by!


I love fiber-wrapped wreaths, and yours has a very cozy vibe. Nice!

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So charming! Before I read your post, I was super impressed with you got the plaid to match up so nicely.

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Very pretty and sophisticated looking.


I love it! The plaid is better aligned, I agree. Very cute.

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Thank you! And, it seriously bugged me that the plaid fabric in the inspiration wreath was so out of whack. Even though it’s not perfectly flat on this one and has creases, it still looks tons better than the original, IMHO :laughing:

This turned out really pretty! I love it!

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