Planner Disc junk journal

I made this junk journal in the IVP swap for @anna.wahnsinn
We decided to do the MAF swap as our IYP swap. For the item that was supposed to be about me I chose to make a junk journal as I am all about paper.

I used planner discs. I have the special hole punch for planner discs. This way pages can be added, removed, and moved around.


And I love it so much! (BTW, your purple fluffy dots show up ever so much better than they do in my pictures!) There are so many great pages in there, it is just so colourful and filled with different pieces. It does not just have the regular pages, but pockets and ATC sized papers and some more like bookmarks… I have been playing with it ever since I got it,

And it’s so funny you should post about it today, because actually today I went ahead and moved around basically all of the pages after I finally decided to make the journal into a – more or less rainbow themed – lettuce craft address book. I sorted the larger pages by colour, put the pockets in the back, and have started assigned a few pages. I’m going by fave colours, interests, whatever is in my mind for everyone. Everyone gets one page/sheet, so I can add more info to the back.

I chose two non-crafted pages for the front and back so no artwork will get destroyed from my handling/storing it. The page you had as the cover has your info now for example, and for @Lynx2Lancer I added one of her photos to the base that had matching colours. @Magpie got a rainbow page, @Averia blue, @jellybean green… I’ll be working my way through it!


Wow this is cool!

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The journal is so awesome and I love how it’s been put to use! So appropriate! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is just the coolest. You inspire me to try more paper crafts.

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What a cool junk journal! I’m sure it was fun to look through all of the pages.

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I see this and I just think, she must have a huge room full of piles and piles of paper. LOL! It’s very cool. As a notebook junkie, I love it!


This is incredibly cool! I love how customisable it is, and the crafted pages are fantastic!

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That’s great!

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what a great purpose for it!

This would be accurate :grin:

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