Planter Earrings

Got the first pair done, and am waiting for the glue to cure to braid the next pair.

I’m not too keen on the wood I used, but I didn’t want to chance scratching up any paint while making them. Meh, they still look neat.


Yup, pretty cool!

These are neat! They would also make great keychains!

I’ve been waiting to see these, so adorable! I have a friend who would love them.

I’ve got the second pair ready for the braiding, and on those I’ll wrap a new piece of string so I can manipulate all the strings instead of just two. That may make it a bit easier to match the lengths.

Also, I got some thin ribbon and going to try to make some small bows for them. Unfortunately don’t have the time to make them look really nice, but meh, after I’m done with these, I should have a lot of oportunities to try different things.

the only thing I don’t know what to do is with the holes the strings are poking through. The pots are more like normal pots, so it won’t be easy to hide those like with the rounded pots in the first post. :thinking:

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These are super cool!!

Fun and cute!

I can do itty bitty bows now. :smile:

Here are the tools I use to make the bows.

The dowels for the main wrapping and knotting. Then the pliers for tightening.

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See, they turned out great! The plant looks like an itty-bitty bromeliad.

Oooh, I love the second set; both the shape of the planter as well as the plant itself. BUT … I must admit, I’d rip the bows right off!

(Not because anything is wrong with them. They are great-looking bows! I just woukd not want bows on those type of cool-earthy earrings. Just my own tastes, of course. I’m sure others’ opinions might differ.)

heh! I’ve been married to a florist for too darn long. I’ve gotten way too used to them, but her boss loved them, as she wanted them for her daughter (a florist that runs her own shop) and granddaughter (a wannabe florist).

if I can keep the momentum for making them, I’ll try to grab some more realistic plants and make a few more. At least I’ll make the pots and bows, just to add to my repertoire, at least.

Right now I’m feeling pretty awful. Dizzy, sleepy, and very very sore. So I don’t think I’m going to get much done today, :frowning_face:

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Sorry you aren’t feeling well!
Hope I was clear that I totally LOVE the last earrings you made—the pots and the plants were fabulous. I didn’t notice any holes.

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Super cute!