Planting bags - Just in time for Spring

Spring has come early to New England, we’ve had lovely warm days and just had the most glorious rainy Sunday. At last a good day-long drenching. I’ve been tearing up the front garden, moving plants, weeding crabgrass and a very nasty invasive (never plant goutweed, former owner did and you cannot ever get rid of it…ever. Just kind of control it, but it’s permanent, in the neighbor’s yards now and keeps revisiting).
So lots of plants were uprooted, and stashed in the shade for future planting.
Many of my cheap reused or purchased plastic pots are past their prime and pots are just expensive. I wanted some fabric pots, but they are also expensive, so I made some. I watched several YouTube videos on making fabric pots and decided on using 12-year ground cloth and making a basic square bag. I added side handles. You’ll see in the picture that there are several styles of handles, I finally settled on the simplest. I’ve made 1, 1.5, and 2 gallon bags. We shall see how they hold up. They are going into use this weekend.


cool…but you will normally use them without pots, right? The one in the photo is just there because you wanted to show a plant?
Or am I thinking of something else?

I was wondering the same as @steiconi

Right, I haven’t moved that plant to the fabric pot yet. They will allow the roots to breath more and the handles help with portability. We are reorganizing our property and there isn’t a place to plant them yet, so movable pots will help plants survive hot dry days in the shade and then back out into sun when it’s milder. Summers here have gotten hotter over the years and it’s easy to bake a plant if we aren’t careful. Once planted, they will adapt.


What a cool project!

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Oh, this is so cool! My husband gardens and buys these…now I know what to make him for Father’s Day. I know nothing about gardening… do you just buy the fabric at a home improvement store, or order it online somewhere?

Any gardening store will have week block fabric, look for 12-year or 20-year guarantees. I used the 12-year. If your husband has ever put down weed block fabric under mulch, he probably has some in the garage or shed. :grinning:

Search YouTube for fabric planting pots DIY videos, watch a few. The pattern is a standard square corner bag. And some of the videos give you measurements for the various sizes. A gallon pot is about 6 x 6 by 8 inches tall. 2 gal is 8 x 8 by 9 inches tall. Approximates.

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Thanks so much for the extra info!

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Wonderful, practical project! Can’t wait to see your garden this year!

These look professional. Great job sewing them. I don’t garden, even though I have one that turns into the Amazon in the summer. I had never heard of fabric plant bags. Interesting and cute!

Fantastic! So great for moving in & out of sun/shade, inside, outside. They look pro.

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