Plastic canvas bookmarks

I was yesterday years old when I realized that grid design and translation to plastic canvas is abstract enough that my 9 yr took most of the night and today to “get it”. Still, 11 yr old had fun looking up pixel art for ideas, husband played with game ideas, 9 yr old custom designed one with the diff console controllers, i did a simple name for youngest who was too young to participate. 5 yr old had fun pulling out pieces of different yarn and… Making knots.


Sweet family crafting!

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Fun! Yahoo for family crafting.

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Aww! Family crafting! Besides cutting/pasting/coloring learning to see on plastic canvas was one of my earliest crafts. I have such found memories of it. (Maybe that’s why I love cross stitch so much now!)

Totally a memory craft for me. My grandmother was an avid cross stitch artist even as her eye sight faded… She had me doing cross stitch and plastic canvas from very young. She had a lot of her own plastic canvas work around the house too (google gingerbread houses) she had filled with cloves at the holidays.

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