Plastic folders into bookmarks

Made these a couple of weeks ago out of plastic folders with the Cricut though I’m sure they could easily be cut by hand!

Going to try some with initials in them later just haven’t gotten around to it yet. (Mainly because I’m not able to keep my Cricut out all of the time.)

Not designed by me, just downloaded the SVG from another site. Also need to get some other colors!


Love the simple yet effective design!

Once I add the initials I’ll update!

These would be really cool as the bases to add a number of things on. The initial idea is great.

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Did do the initials today (the K’s are for my Mom.)

Ooh, I like it with the initials cut out! These would also make a good base for a vinyl design.

Thanks. Thinking I may extend them to a length in between the two original sizes. Thinking this will help when marking shared cookbooks!