Please suggest Xmas presents for my crafter wife

She loves making greetings cards, has cricut machine(s) and embroiders/sews a lot. I am desperate to think of original Xmas presents for her that will be useful for her crafting. She has quite a bit of stuff already but I would value your input to say what you have found to be useful or novel pieces of equipment/tools.

Thanks for your help crafters!

Hi! I love you are thinking ahead!

I have a cricut and these are the things I’d like:

  • New cricut mats. And blades.
  • various colors of card stock
  • a subscription to the cricut design store

Maybe a subscription to the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors

For embroidery maybe some Q snaps.
More embroidery floss.
Needle minders - you could probably find some really cool ones on Etsy.


Depending on how you both feel about practical gifts, cutting mats & blades for her Cricut are something that a regular using of their machine will go through fairly frequently so might be a good idea. I think Cricut also puts out a monthly subscription to a box of supplies which could be fun. Cricut also makes organizers for their tools and of course, there are other pretty/cute/cool craft supply organizers out there, too. If she has a favorite company or two that makes supplies (paper, stamps, embellishments) you could shop for those, often they put out a “kit” that includes all or most of the things of a particular line.

Etsy has A TON of embroidery accessory sellers with so many cool figural floss organizers and more magnetic needle minders than you could imagine! They also have sellers who make decorative embroidery hoops for displaying finished pieces. Here are two examples:

One of the best craft-related gifts I have every received was an Ott Light! It’s a full-spectrum lamp that makes crafting, especially on long winter nights, so much more pleasant and comfortable. They come in A LOT of models and styles.


Thanks so much - all suggestions noted

Fantastic! I’ve certainly asked the right people; these are great suggestions thank you

I have been on a Christmas gift buying binge myself this week and appreciate a fellow plan-ahead person! GOOD LUCK!

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Etsy and Amazon gift cards are always appreciated. Good scissors.


A fun and practical gift could be a pin cushion. They come in all sizes and designs on Etsy. If she uses pins constantly, I’d go for a larger size.

Good scissors are always an excellent choice!


My sewing Christmas gift wish list includes a rotary cutter and self healing mat. I agree with the scissors suggestion. GOOD scissors are always appreciated!


Does she have a Crop-A-Dile - Big Bite? It has two hole punch sizes and can set eyelets, grommets, etc. I really like mine for the reach it provides (being able to punch holes 6" into a piece of paper is surprisingly handy sometimes) and because of the big lever you get a really nice mechanical advantage when setting things like eyelets, so you don’t end up hurting your hands trying to use those handheld ‘squeeze’ setters (and you can set small eyelets on fabric as well with this).


The self healing mat sounds good thank you. I did the rotary cutter and scissors last year and I think I might have OD’d on them!

Brilliant! I’m on it, thank you

More of a stocking stuffer, but if she sews a lot, I have a few things that I just don’t know how I got along without them!

Purple thang…a simple tool that I use for pushing fabrics, poking out holes, etc.

Wonder clips-large and small sizes

Gypsy Gizmo Thread cutter


Wonderful. Thanks Linda.

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Does she embroider/sew with machines or by hand?
How about a fun Cricut dust cover? Etsy has a good selection of fun fabric covers.


Both. Love the dust cover idea thank you.


There are some great suggestions here. I may have to steal a few for myself. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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A Cricut is always a good present :slight_smile:
I have this Explore Air and it works great.

what have you bought eventually? Share with us :slight_smile:

Well, thanks to all your suggestions she id going to have a very crafty Christmas and I’ve gone OTT. She already has Cricut machines but I bought her the Cricut Joy as well as the Thang, clover clips, the cutting Gizmo, embroidery hoops etc. Basically, pretty much everything you lovely lifesavers suggested. Have a lovely Christmas yourselves everyone x :grinning: :+1:


I’m so excited for her!!! You’ll have to come back and tell us her reaction.